CMW Corporate Finance is an M&A advisory firm.

CMW International forged its experience through many successful transactions conducted on the small and mid-caps market, both in France and internationally.

Since its foundation in 1986, the firm has developed an international vision. CMW was the force behind the creation of the Globalscope network in 1987, an international network of mergers and acquisitions consultants.

In 2008, Hervé Le Roy took over as the Chair of CMW Corporate Finance. CMW then became part of the Externance Group, which he heads.

CMW was created thirty years ago by Claude Wolkowicz – “W”, still a senior advisor at the company, in association with MARLAR INTERNATIONAL – “M”, a worldwide executive search network headed in Paris by the third partner, Jean-Paul Cruchot – “C”.

Anthony Whittaker managed the M&A business of Mr Marler in London and was on the look-out for a French partner. After a first career as manager of a textile company, Mr Wolkowicz decided to develop the new profession of Mergers and Acquisitions Consultant in France – for ISEs and SMEs. His meeting with Mr Cruchot resulted in the creation of CMW to the satisfaction of all. Twenty years later the London-Paris connection resulted in the creation of the GLOBALSCOPE network, one of the five leading networks of independent M&A consultants worldwide.

CMW statistics: 84 transactions successfully conducted since its creation, in all sectors of activity.

CMW Corporate Finance has built up a team guaranteeing optimum security, efficiency and rapidity in fulfilling the assignments entrusted to it.


CMW Corporate Finance sends you its best wishes for 2017